ImageHow many times have you wished you could have been more educated before making a big decision like buying a house? Knowing what it takes to be a homeowner, the financial commit and management needed, the responsibilities you have to your house and your community?! Anyone new to the entire experience can become overwhelmed very quickly.

Who knew there were services and organizations out there like Neighborhood Housing Services of the Fox Valley whose main goal is to educate the average person, guide them in the right direction and lead them into successful home ownership! Just like anything else you don't really know what's there until you start looking for it.

Recently Mary Lu Seidel from the NHS Fox Valley came and spoke to our club about the programs they offer to help lessen the burden and manage the responsibilities of homeownership. Individuals are welcome to try and utilize the programs and financial opportunities they have to offer to put yourself in a better position to maintain and retain possession of your home dwelling! Visit their site for more information opportunities: