For most of us living in the Fox valley area we rarely think twice about our actions affecting the Fox River Water way that runs through the center of our individual towns...
...Little do we know that a lot of our day to day actions affect the water way in some way or another!! This general lack of knowledge is what contributes to the deterioration of the quality of the FOX river but with simple education we can continue to highlight it as a center point of our communities.
Gary Swick and his Friends of the Fox Organization is dedicated to educating communities about caring for the water way in addition to providing opportunities for hands on projects that directly have a positive effect on the Fox River Water way! At a recent presentation to our club Gary discussed the current quality and history/need for his organization. As a dedicated individual Gary and his Organization have dedicated a lot of time and effort ensuring and improving the water quality of the Fox River. To learn more about the organization and ways you can help visit their site at: