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Causes we support

Operation Warm

Every November, we provide over 300 brand new winter coats to the needy children in our community under the fund-raising banner, Operation Warm. Operation Warm will be providing us with brand new winter coats in a variety of styles and colors. Every $20 we raise will provide a new coat for a child in need.

Unaccompanied youth dinners

There are homeless kids in our area that need assistance, and this dinner is a chance for one or two of members to take them to dinner and give them donations from our club. 

Easter dinner baskets

On the Saturday before Easter, we donate baskets to families in need in the Carpentersville area. There are a lot of donations around other holidays, but our club saw a shortage of assistance to families in need for a good Easter meal. 

Educational scholarships

We offer a number of educational scholarships to youths in the area that show a need and potential. These include the Krenz scholarship and RYLA scholarships.

Young Life sponsorship

We have identified this group for their dedication to helping kids to focus on education and service to others. We sponsor the efforts of a few volunteers working in the Carpentersville area.

Living Forward Foundation

The Living Forward Foundation uses coaching as a way to partner with students to be successful in school and reach their educational goals.

FISH Food Pantry

We make financial contributions to this local food pantry throughout the year and also make efforts to show up and volunteer at least a couple times each year. We encourage members to help out here as often as possible.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Dundee Township

We partner with our friends at the Boys & Girls Club to help identify needs in our area, and to combine our efforts to help kids in Carpentersville and Dundee. They are very aware of local needs and are working towards the same goals.


Our club helps provide suitcases for children who are being pulled from their home because of family problems. It delivers a small amount of comfort and provisions at a time that’s very traumatic for children in our community.

FREE community movies

Each Halloween and Christmas we sponsor a free movie showing of an animated movie at Classic Cinema 12 in Carpentersville. It’s a good way to build better awareness of our club to the community and families that we serve. We also have prizes, crafts and games for kids to participate in.

Little Free Libraries

We build, install and stock a number of little free libraries throughout the area. There’s no shortage of books to put in these adorable displays, and it helps deliver books to areas that appreciate it.

End Polio Now

The goal is global eradication of polio with the help of  World Health Organization (WHO) and other partner organizations. We are very close to getting rid of polio for good and are very dedicated to the hard work it takes to extinguish those last few cases across the world.

Agua Es Vida (Water is Life)—Rain Harvesting Project

During our service trip down in El Vaquero, SLP Mexico in 2014 we made a commitment to that community to somehow bring them a sustainable water source which they lack and desperately need.