ImageHaving the opportunity to suddenly make a decision to stop your normal day to day activities and decide to take a trip around the globe usually does not present itself, but it did for Annette Jahnel! Hailing from South Africa she made the decision to give up her good life as an artist and photographer to take a journey around the globe on a quest to communicate with middle aged men from various parts of the world and discover their general views in life. What she discovers is that typical men, regardless of where they are from, generally want the same thing!

ImageThrough various quotes she had written on her traveling vehicle by all the men she came into contact with during her 1 year trip around the world she discovered that a lot of men are like "Beauty Queens" and strive for world peace, feeding the hungry and respect for one another! Annette has a great presentation that she is willto share with anybody is willing to listen. To learn more about her, how to schedule her as a speaker, her book "My Year of Beds" and her current book in progress "Searching for Galileo" click on the picture to visit her site!