As we are all pretty well aware of the recent natural disaster that took place in the Philippines and us as Rotarians are willing to lend a hand when the opportunity presents itself. Our Rotary District in conjunction with the Shelter Box Organization has committed to partially fund at least 15 Shelter Boxes to send to the region and has asked us as individual clubs to sponsor the remaining amount. After a brief club discussion and a unanimous vote we were very happy to be able to sponsor the remaining $800 Shelter Box cost of $1000 ea. ($200 sponsored by the District) to send out in relief for all those currently in need in the Philippines.

Shelter boxes are just that, a box that is filled with the basic essentials a small family would need to provide a little security if they were in a position where they lost everything. As you can see in the picture below each Shelter Box contains mostly everything you need to shelter a small family, keep warm, provide warm meals and provide other basic materials to assist in times of desperation. To learn more about the Shelter Box Organization feel free to visit their site in the link provided.