ImageIn today's society raising children and  properly preparing them to attend school on their own can sometimes get over looked or even avoided all together. Many factors play into this lack of preparation and the majority of the time the reasoning for this relates back to the type of environment a child is raised in. Ranging from young or in experienced parents, parents lack of education, generations of families living the same way year after year, lack of consistent income, broken homes, children being abandoned or any other factor that can deter a young child from having the basic skills he or she needs to succeed in the education system. Fortunate enough there is help available which sometimes is not always evident!

The Tom Thumb Community Center in Carpentersville realized the need of our community and does whatever they can to help parents in need with quality day care and education for their young children at low to now cost for those who qualify. One of the programs offered is the Preschool For All program (which is taught by Angela Horner seen in the article picture) that is designed to house preschool children for a couple hours a day throughout the week and teach these children the basic problem solving, communication, and behavioral skills they need to succeed through their education career and life in general. Any child who completes this program, or any other the program that the center offers, can rest assure that they will be ready and more prepared to take on the everyday challenges of being young student. With any good foundation the possibilities of what can be built on top of that is endless, which is why preparing children at a young age can ensure a better future for years to come. 

Thank you to Angela for taking the time out to inform us of her organization and the great programs they are able to provide to the preschool children in our community. Anyone interested in learning more about the Tom Thumb Community Center or possibly partaking in the services they have to offer can visit their site for full contact and organization information.