ImageThis years Ribfest was a BIG success and not to mention a lot of FUN! Located just adjacent to the Huntley Rotary club, who were selling roasted corn like there was no tomorrow, the Rotary fellowship that developed between our 2 clubs was a definite highlight to the weekend's activities.The money we were able to make from all the ice cream that we sold was just an added bonus. 

Each day we were ready to go at the opening of the fest but the customers were slow coming. The other food vendors around us had no problems selling food right off the bat but we had to wait. But it wasn't long before the fest goers came to their senses and realized that an ice cream sound pretty good after gorging on ribs, french fries, and all the roasted corn they could eat. Soon our line was out the tent pushing our ice cream machine to the limits but it did it's job and the people were very happy. There was great music going on in the background and plenty of people to socialize with not to mention the perfect weather for each of the 4 days.

THANK YOU to all our volunteers, the Lake in the Hills Rotary club, and the ice cream man Bob Long for making this successful fundraising event for our club. Check out some of the pics in our photo gallery.