During our service trip down in El Vaquero, SLP Mexico in 2014 we made a commitment to that community to somehow bring them a sustainable water source which they lack and desperately need. We are happy to announce that current plans are in progress to help make this commitment a reality and has been deemed our "Agua Es Vida" (Water is Life) Rain Harvesting Project. Below is a link to a great video that describes the project in detail done by another Rotary club and is the base for our upcoming project later this year. https://vimeo.com/user10520825/review/83880880/2ba8f337f8
After some in depth research we came to the conclusion that possibly the best solution is to improve on what they have been doing already. Currently they collect rain water via pits that are dug into the ground. The water that collects into these pits are prone to saturation, evaporation and contamination from the local live stock which limits it's usefulness. 
Are plan is to build individual cistern's for each family in this community to collect, contain and protect the water, which based on it's size, will provide enough useful water for a family of 8 for an entire year. There are other logistics and learning to do along the way but the planning and preparation has begun to get this project up and running and into the hands of these families so they can continue the process long after we are gone.
Thanks to the money coming in from our current KickBall League we are earning the funds to get this project started and we will work on obtaining additional grants and support from other organizations to support this project for a long time. More info coming soon!