Most people only think about personal security the moment they need it! Unfortunately in some cases, it may be a little too late! Thankfully there are individuals like Joe Rosner who are experts in Self Defense and Personal Security and are more than willing to share their knowledge to help make society potentially safer as a whole. 
We had a great morning with Mr. Rosner who crammed a lot of useful information into a short period of presentation time. Never the less we were all a little more prepared to protect our selves after it was all said and done. His presentation included using a cautious mentality, defensive stances to take, calls to make, items to use, decisions to consider and basic defensive maneuvers to use. Not to mention the witty references  and demonstrations included in the presentations that kept us on our toes!
Joe is a professional and definitely someone to consider using as a presenter to prepare any group of individuals and even groups of children to have better personal safety. Visit his website to learn more about Mr. Rosner can offer. Below is our very own Fire Chief Skillman trying to restrain Mr. Rosner from breaking out of his kung fu grip but with a specific move Chief Skillman quickly lost his grip and Mr. Rosner was free!