This year’s Operation Warm event was a full day of running around to distribute the coats. We started out the day bright and early distributing over 100 coats to the great Social Worker staff at the District 300 Administration building. A number of these coats will go to a select group of students who are currently in need and the rest will be held on retainer for them to use as they see fit. Knowing that this staff works with these children each and every day we see they are very well aware of identifying those students in actual need and we are confident they will distribute the coats to the right children.

We continued the day later on that afternoon carrying on our tradition of distributing coats to the children in need in the Local Boys & Girls clubs in 4 of the community schools. This is always a fun and chaotic time trying to wrangle up the children to give them their new coats. Soon after they receive it there is a lot of excitement in the air and many kids running around the gymnasium who quickly learn how warm these coats really are!! Their initial reaction and overwhelming gratitude is what makes it all worth wile! There are a lot of happy kids who are better prepared to take on the elements through the winter season!

We are very grateful for this opportunity and having the ability to continue this program for our 5th year in a row. Without all the support we receive at our various fundraisers throughout the year we would be very limited on what we could actually accomplish. Thankfully for us this is not the case and the support for our organization continues to grow and grow each year! Check out of this year pictures in the 2013 Operation warm Photo Album!

Check out this great article from the Carpentersville Community Courier News Reporter Erin Sauder: