The New Jerri Hoffmann Child & Family in Center from the Children Home & Aid Organization here in Carpentersville will provide top notch child care opportunities for those who seek and for those who qualify for assistance. Children who are currently enrolled and the old facility who will be soon moving to the new facility will experience a major upgrade and increased enjoyment for everything the new center has to offer.
Recently Julie Carson from the Children Home & Aid Organization visited our club to discuss the latest and greatest with the new facility. Set to open in July, the new state of the art facility will quickly become one of the premier child care facilities in our local community and any parent interested in enrolling their child should consider sooner than later. The center does provide government assistance for those who qualify which will allow any parent to still provide excellent childcare at a much reduced rate which is very beneficial for the parent and child in many ways! For more information about enrollment and the new center itself  you can contact Julie at: 847.426.9505 or