ImageImageIn December local author and historian Philip Aleo visited our club an presented his book The Midwest Motorsport Legend - Meadowdale Raceways which depicted the entire history of the historical Meadowdale Raceway in Carpentersville. In the presentation he described the people behind the project, the process of it being built, the originals races that took place there, some of the tragedy and triumphs of the track and the current state of the track and it landmarks. Throughout his presentation it was hard not feel like you wished you had been around to witness a racing track of this magnitude with the star studded drivers who once roamed the tracks. For years that track was widely used for various forms of motor racing from stock cars to even snowmobiles in the winter time and then slowly became underutilized as years went along. Currently the are is used for walkers, runners and bike riders and of course our annual RaceWay 5K event which was the 1st actual race there since the track was officially closed. 

Philip also has other books depicting the history of Carpentersville and Dundee area which with all the great pictures these books contain, it is very easy to go through and see how this are started and where it is today. For more information on Philip you can visit his site: