In the words of our esteemed speaker Jim KOKO from the BeingU Organization "The only barriers you have in life are the ones you set for yourself and the ones you allow others set for you"! Thinking about his quote on a personal level there is a lot of truth to his statement which encourages you to take a step and re-analyze some of the things holding us all back in life. With this mindset and seeing how it could be applied to helping children with special needs by utilizing new technology to provide a teaching/stimulating outlet Jim founded the BeingU organization to do just that.

Through out his life and career Jim has established many contacts an great relationships which now he has a great opportunity to provide a great service to individuals with special needs. Through all his contacts he is able to bring people together form opposite sides of the spectrum with a few similarities in common to figure out solutions to problems or develop applications to help educate, comfort  stimulate individuals with special needs. With all the new tablet technologies and the possibilities  of type of apps Jim, his organization and many contacts will work together to come up with creative solutions to help those in need.

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