Many people want pets but not many people know how to properly take care of them which leads to more and more cases of animal neglect and abandonment! If it wasn't for places like the Hoof Woof and Meow Animal rescue some of these neglected pets would not have a chance in life at all.
Stacy Pryek is part of the core group of volunteers at the Hoof Woof & Meow Animal Rescue and she has many stories of the cases she has come across with her time at the rescue. Cases that hit close to home for fellow animal owners and almost instantly put them in a positing to want to help. During her brief visit with our club Stacy presented her rescue, their mission and the sad situations she deals with throughout the year. Its not all sad and depressing though! The great upside is the work her and her other volunteers put in to bring these animals back from the brink of death and forward into a healthy life with a loving family.
There are many ways to help or learn more about the work her and her rescue does just by visiting their website: We want to thank Stacey for her visit and wish nothing but the best for her, her volunteers and all the animals she helps!