Habitat for Humanity is a great organization that has been around for some time and thrives on providing affordable and adequate housing for families all throughout the United States...
.... Their efforts reach even further as they also take part in international builds in foreign countries, but their central focus remains to provide a great home environment for a family in need regardless of where they are located.
Recently were were visited by Bill Klaves from the local Fox Valley Branch who presented all the work they do in our local communities. All of which is very beneficial and important for a community to thrive in a positive manor. They make our neighborhoods better by reviving untamed property, increasing local property value, provide stable and affordable home environments, provide great volunteer opportunities, educate on effective home ownership and much much more! A very hands on organization with the capability of doing a lot of great things through their volunteers and supporters. To learn more about the local Habitat Organization visit their site: http://www.habitatnfv.org/