ImagePart 2: In addition to the great education opportunities at Elgin Community College there is also great opportunity for financial support to help soften the burden students face trying afford some of these classes. Katherine Sayer, who is the Executive Director of Institutional Advancement and Foundation for Elgin Community College, recently spoke to our club and was able to describe the ways there are able to help students financially and also help organizations who have scholarships available disperse and manage the scholarship process through their foundation.

The ECC Foundation has been in existence for over 50 years and has always strived to provide any financial assistance they can to students and provide an outlet for organizations who are looking for an effective way to distribute scholarships that are available. Through there various contacts with these outside organizations students have the ability to apply for all of them through 1 application process. Any student knows that applying for financial assistance can be very tedious and time consuming so to have 1 application process for a chance a t a variety of options is ideal!

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ImagePART 1: The educational opportunities like the current GED program which have been made available by the Elgin Community College has great potential to effectively help those who are able to take advantage of it. Unfortunately being able to take advantage of it is more difficult to some than it is to others for reasons that vary from individual to individual.

The example that was made when Elizabeth Hobson, who runs the adult basic and secondary education programs at ECC, presented to our club was the FREE GED program they offer to those who seek it but requires passing $130 worth of testing at the end in order to complete the program and receive the certificate. For some people the FREE part is great but paying the $130 to take the necessary tests for completion can be a burden. She also mentioned that these individuals need to be committed and not worry about an age gap or looking inferior to those around you which can be very difficult to try and accomplish. The important thing to know is that the help is there it is just completely up to the individual  and the people they surround themselves with to do there best to try and succeed!