ImageDid you know that 1 unit of Blood donated can save up to 3 lives? That is pretty astounding and somewhat encouraging for someone who may be on the fringe about possibly donating blood.

Roxie Kaminski who is a representative from the local Hertland Blood Centers spoke to our club on Wednesday November 6th and discussed all the great benefits and lives that are saved from people who donate blood.She also promoted a local drive that took place that same week in addition to some upcoming drives in other local surrounding communities. We also found out that with a few months coordination we or any other organization that is interested could host their own drive to help contribute to the constant need of fresh blood.

Anyone who knows anybody in the surrounding local hospitals that had to receive blood for any reason there is probably a good chance that it came from one of the local Heartland Blood Centers. Through their local drives and donation centers they have been able to develop into one of the biggest suppliers of fresh blood for a majority of the various hospitals surrounding the Carpentersville community. 

To learn more about the Heartland Blood Centers Organization or ways to donate visit there site here: