February 22, 2012 Diane Magerko and David Ward from the District 300 Foundation introduce their organization to our club and shared with us the many great programs and projects they have participated in. All of which are directed to provide and exceptional educational experience that normally is not available due to lack of funds or resources. Working with many local businesses and other organizations like ours the District 300 Foundation does everything it can to ensure the funds and resources are available to provide the exceptional educational services throughout all the schools in the entire District.


The District 300 Foundation has only been around since 2002 but since its inception it has been able to participate and fund a wide variety of educational programs and projects. These programs and project are innovative and sometimes necessary and provide exceptional educational opportunities for all of the individuals involved.

You can find full information about the Foundation at:

We are very excited to have met with Dave and Diane and the plan is to work together in the future. What are we planning to do?.... We do not know at this time but we are excited and optimistic about the opportunity! Stay tuned for updated information!