For some time now District 300 high school students have had great opportunities to gain real world experience in a field of their interest at a young age...
...This is all made possible through the District 300 Internship program which is run and organized by the counselors at the District 300 High Schools! Counselors like Jeremy Baldwin who "Dreams Big" and makes every effort possibly to get students, who are enrolled in the program, the ideal internship opportunity they desire!
By working with local companies, organizations and other various outlets Jeremy, and his counter part counselors, create opportunities for students to intern in a field of their interest. These students are required to dedicate a specified amount of time for interning throughout each week and report back during their once a week class on the progress and personal progression. For young students who are undecided or wanting to get a kick start on their career or choice of education this is a great opportunity!
For more information on the program or think you can help you can contact your local District 300 high school and ask to speak to the counselor in charge of the Internship program.