ImageSince it’s beginning in 1989 the DayOne Network Organization has strived to do whatever it can to help those who struggle with disabilities and their families who support them.

On the morning of January 16, 2013 Stephen Taylor, who is the current Executive Director of DayOne and a retired long time Rotarian, introduced our club to the DayOne Network and opened our eyes to the great work they have accomplished and continue to strive to do in the Kane & Kendall counties. We were amazed about their work and stunned about the little notoriety this organization receives for everything they do.   

Through various grants and fundraisers the DayOne organization is able to work with selected individuals, both children & adults, who are mentally disabled and provide various forms of help and support. Unfortunately the current need for support like this is much greater than the abilities of the DayOne Organization alone. They are only able to help a select few who are deemed qualified through a thorough screening process. Other candidates are left to wait until they are selected. Anyone dealing with family members or individuals with mental disabilities understand the effort, patience, and heart needed to take care of them which is why support from organizations like DayOne are so important.  

To learn more about their Organization and possible ways to help visit their website: