It is sad to say our inaugural KickBall Konfederation Co-Ed Kickball League is officially over! After 8 weeks of the fun regular season we battled it out during championship week and we are proud to announce our inaugural champions the Dill Kicklz! Facing the CVillains for the final match they battled it out through 11 innings of intense play and came out victorious with 1 out remaining in the bottom of the inning!

It was a great time had by all and adding the the nights excitement was the free nachos and last official game night after party at Dylan's Pub in West Dundee. Congratulations again and thanks for all the support! We will definitely do it again next year and possibly in the fall as there was some interest generated ant the finale of the summer season! Check out all the great pics in the 2014 KickBall Konfederation League photo album.