Aye Governor!
As his final stop on a 5 month long tour of visiting each Rotary club in our district we were very happy to finally have our official visit from our district governor Rick Rivkin! With plenty of practice under his belt, which was just accumulated over the past 5 months, he gave a great presentation about the "Power of One"!
The Power of One.... One Person... One Rotary Club... One Rotary District.... One Rotary International Organization! Individually we are one person but that's where it starts and most of the time that is all it takes! One person with one idea and reaches out to one Rotary club, then one Rotary District, then one Rotary International Organization until it grows into a global effort!
It's hard to think that us as individuals have the ability to impact many in a positive way, but working with organizations like Rotary International the reality of actually making that happen is closer than you think!
Thanks Governor for you visit and enhancing our Rotary spirit!