The Carpentersville Community is very fortunate to have a potential World Class Bike park right in our own back yard and it is up to us as a community to try and help make that happen because of the great potential positive impcact. The CAMBr organization has bravely taken on the massive project that will take years to complete and a lot of money and community support in order to be successful. As a community group we feel it is extremely necessary to get the word about this Bike Park and the CAMBr organization in order for them to get the support they need which will benefit the Carpentersville Community as a whole in more ways than one. 

Walking through Andres Park now there is not much to look at but a bunch of evasive plants and garbage but through a recent cleanup and site build the gradual change is starting to take place. A small skills section has been built already that has been utilize by young children on a daily basis. Take a look at the picture below for the park design plan which was completely designed by a professional bike park design group and when all said and done can become a world class bike park right here in Carpentersville.



As a Rotary club we will do what we can to help the CAMBr organization to get them the support to help make this vision a reality. Anyone living in the Caprnetersville Community knows there is not much to our town but in it's hey day Carpentersville was a destination area for the surrounding communities. By investing in this park as community there is great potential to make Carpentersville a place to be with a World Class Bike Park to showcase in addition to the rest of our progressively improving community.

More info on Andres Park can be found at:

More information about the CAMBr Organization can be found at: 

Update will be made so stay tuned for more information.