Thanks to a collaboration with all club members and all of our friends and followers we are happy to have successfully completed our 3rd annual Toiletries Drive for the Carpentersville FISH Food Pantry. Through our established donation drop off sites and the new ones we just acquired this year we were able to collect and donate well over 300 items throughout the entire month which was distributed almost just as soon as it came in to local families in need.   

Thanks to great coverage from local Courier News Reporter Erin Sauder, who wrote this fantastic article, we had a fantastic out pour of support and received a surge of donations soon after it's release! Thank You Erin!

The staff at the FISH Food pantry is very grateful for everything we and our supporters are able to accomplish the last 3 years. Donations can continue to be made at any point throughout the year when the Pantry is open for business on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for those of you with any interest. We express our most sincere gratitude for those who contributed and will once again plan on doing it again next year! THANK YOU and See You Then!!