With current temperatures that are typical for mid January and early February not many of us were expecting it to be this cold this fast! Being caught off guard our preparation is not the best leaving us to scramble around just to make do!...
... Unfortunately this is the situation for a lot of young parents who are doing what they can to make sure their child stays warm and is able to properly attend school during the cold season!
This is where we and our 6th Annual Operation Warm event step in to try and relieve some of the burden these parents face preparing their child for the winter season. For our 6th year in a row we worked with the Boys & Girls Club of Dundee Township to determine a select group of children throughout the grade schools in the Carpentersville community who would benefit the most from receiving a new warm winter coat. We also work with School District 300 and supply them with an allotted amount to have on retainer and distribute as they see fit!
Once again we are very happy to say that it was a big success! Visiting 5 school locations and distributing to the school district itself we successfully completed our 6th annual event which again came at a perfect time with the below freezing temperatures we are currently enduring! Each child receiving a new coat has 1 less thing to worry about when considering staying warm going to and from school which is a big driving factor for us to continue the work we do!
View the 2014 Photo album and see all the happy faces of everyone involved! Thanks to everyone who helped out and contributed to this years event and made it another successful year!!