ImageFor the 1st time in who knows how long the weather was perfect for the Carpentersville Community Oktoberfest and CycleCross Race. Granted it was a little chilly but that just made our coffee and hot chocolate that much better!

Bright and early at 6am, before the sunrise, we were brewing coffee, heating up water, and assembling our brand new Rotary booth preparing for the day ahead! After some great team work we were up and running and ready to serve anyone who was willing to partake in what we had to offer. Soon after the Sasquatch hunt was on as one by one hunters came and gave it their best shot but could just not hit the elusive target.Image

Before we knew it the park was packed and things were happening everywhere you looked. The sun even made an appearance every once in a while providing some heat on this chilly Autumn day. Thank You to all club members who made it out to help, especially those who were up extra early on a Sunday morning!!

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